PPE Vending FAQ

What Is A PPE Vending Machine?
PPE is very much like any standard vending machine, however a PPE model dispenses various safety and protective equipment to users. Since these systems don’t require a refrigeration unit, they are actually cheaper than a snack/drink model.

What Else Can The System Do?
Our systems can save you a lot of money. By having a ppe unit, this will drastically cut down on the amount of equipment/items that get stolen or misplaced by your staff/contractors etc.

The system is different as it has an inbuilt smart card reader which works in conjunction with smart cards that are issued out to all users. The cards don’t have any monetary value stored on them, but are just a way to track information about the transaction and dispensed item.

Are their Any Other Benefits?
Yes! Apart from the major features we have discussed, there are more subtle benefits which are still very important to your work place. By having a ppe system installed in your work environment, this will keep areas less cluttered and provide a much safer space for everyone.

It’s also important to understand that in todays world of OH&S mindset, those who own ppe systems are truly on the forefront of where the business world is headed. You can be one step ahead of the rest and showcase your companies high commitment to work place and employee safety!

How Does It Work?
We have developed our machines to be as user friendly as possible. As previously mentioned it’s used via smart card system.

1) Smart cards will be handed out to staff members.
2) Once the user decides on a selection, he/she will need to swipe their card via the card reader installed on the machine.
3) The item will then be dispensed
4) Once this transaction has taken place, the machine which is connected to a lan or internet connection, will record various details that allows you to have a recording of the user and item, as well as keep track of inventory levels.

What Information Is Recorded?
Once a transaction has taken place, the following information is automatically recorded.

- Machine ID number- Location of the machine
- Name of the item (ie leather boots, size -small)
- Date and time of transaction
- Name of the user who dispensed the item/equipment

What Happens If A Card Is Lost?
In the event of a lost smart card, this will pose no problem whatsoever. Cards have no monetary value assigned to them, and can be cancelled by an administrator at any time.

How Can I Get A PPE System?
If you would like to order a ppe vending machines or find out more information, please call us on 1300 629 153 or visit our contact page

It’s never been so easy to keep your staff and clients more focused, energized and ultimately more happy in the work place.