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  • PPE wastage

One of the most common problems for this is the employees having no accountability for the products they are taking.

  •  Inventory control

It is not uncommon for a business to have none if not only a small amount of inventory control due to, limited staffing, store access, or the technology available to ensure records are kept up to date .

  • Accessibility

Due to the limited workspace, available safety equipment can be mostly found in a lock store room away from the workers and therefore impact on the amount of safety equipment they have on their persons to operate effectively

  • Workplace efficiencies 

Placing a vending machine in plain sight of your employees to access will improve their output and therefore have a positive impact on your profitability.


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A recent client of ours; a SA bottling/packaging operation with 200+ staff,  was able to reduce their PPE usage/consumption by 49% within three months…basically slashing this expense by half!. PPE vending also saved them time, improving staff compliance/accountability and provide management with real-time reporting!

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