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Reduce Your PPE Spend Up To 60% With PPE Vending Machines

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Reduce Your PPE Spend Up to 60%


Reduce Theft In Your Workplace


Set & Forget Inventory System + Software


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Reduce Your PPE Spend Up To 60% With PPE Vending Machines

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Welcome to Safety PPE Vending Machines

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If you’re in need of some PPE machines, look no further. We are now stocking the highest quality personal protective equipment vending models in Australia. These machines are state of the art and are built to last you for many years to come.

Introducing Australia’s Top Safety PPE Vending Machines

Designed using Benleigh’s famous branding, these systems are packed with several features listed below.

If you operate a mine, construction, industrial plant or any other work place that requires the regular use of safety equipment, then your company will benefit greatly from our PPE systems.

We have two different sizes available to choose from; Small and large. The size you need will be dependent on the volume of PPE equipment that your work place consumes. Other than the size difference and capacity, the 2 sized machines are identical in style and features.

Reduce Your PPE Consumption Costs Up To 60%!

One huge benefit that our clients are currently enjoying is the units ability to keep track of your staff and contractors ppe usage. In doing so, you will be keeping everyone’s use accountable. This will drastically reduce the amount of over consumption, borrowing and theft in your work place. The end result is a safer, more efficient and less wasteful working environment.

Best of all – your company may save tens of thousands of dollars each year. The investment should pay for itself very quickly.

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Reduce Your PPE Spend Up To 60% With PPE Vending Machines Contact

1300 629 153 Enquire Now (free)

More Features Than Ever Before!

The Best PPE Machines You’ll Find In Australia

What may be surprising to you is how affordable our systems are. Since there’s no need for refrigeration, they actually end up costing much less than your typical snack/drink unit. Although they are more affordable, we are very committed to providing Australia with the highest quality PPE vending machines. You certainly won’t find a better quality machine in Australia, that comes with so many helpful benefits.

  • Brand new systems by Australia’s #1 Vending Company
  • Available in 2 different sizes (small and large)
  • Modern features and a sleek design
  • Many user friendly features
  • Comes with tracking software which monitors individual users as well as overall stock levels
  • Our models are built to last 10-15 years minimum
  • Much cheaper than snack/drink machines


Please take a good look at our How It Works section and also look at the benefits listed above. If and when you’re ready to order, you’ll also enjoy our fast delivery and our helpful customer support.

You can get started today by calling us on 1300 629 153. Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm CST) or visit our contact page.

There has never been a better time to take your PPE vending commitment to the next level!

A recent client of ours; a SA bottling/packaging operation with 200+ staff,  was able to reduce their PPE usage/consumption by 49% within three months…basically slashing this expense by half!. PPE vending also saved them time, improving staff compliance/accountability and provide management with real-time reporting!

- Bottling Company

Affordable and Outstanding Design

We truly believe there has never been a better time to invest in a PPE vending system. The build quality today is simply outstanding. The technology available to us ensures hassle free vending each and every time. A simple swipe card system will keep everyone accountable, and it provides a much safer and efficient working environment in the work place.

The systems are affordable and when you combine this will full transparency thanks to the inbuilt software, you have a wise investment that will save you thousands every single year.

Reduce Your PPE Spend Up To 60% With PPE Vending Machines Contact

1300 629 153 free enquiry