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ppe process

A user may be an employee, employer or contractor.

Smart Card/Key Ring: A smart card that a user needs to operate and dispense the ppe vending machine. These cards contain no monetary value, so losing one will not be a problem. The card will allow the tracking of items to their users to ensure that items are not stolen/misplaced.

The technology can also work with key-rings,  as well as special stickers.  These stickers can be placed on current employee cards that staff may already have.

PPE Machine: The famous Benleigh branded PPE vending machine. Essentially a system that allows users to dispense a safety item in the work place; safely and efficiently.  The system contains many features discussed in our FAQ page.

Item: A piece of safety equipment that’s stored inside the vending machine. These items can consist of safety glasses, gloves, helmets, and a whole lot more.

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A recent client of ours; a SA bottling/packaging operation with 200+ staff,  was able to reduce their PPE usage/consumption by 49% within three months…basically slashing this expense by half!. PPE vending also saved them time, improving staff compliance/accountability and provide management with real-time reporting!

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